Hermit Lake

Aerial flyover of Hermit Lake at about 5,000 feet

An aerial fly-over photograph of Hermit Lake taken on a beautiful fall day. The closer body of water was formerly known as Plummer's Pond while the farther body is Hermit Lake. The two bodies were merged in name and today they are Hermit Lake. Such a calm day. Hermit Lake is like a sheet of glass. This happens often !

This picture was taken from an altitude of about 2,000 feet.

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From Sanbornton's Tax map, Hermit Lake is bounded on the north by Meredith, on the West by Stage Road, on the East by Hueber Drive and on the South by Hermit Woods Road.

Plummer Pond (the Northern water) is the deepest at about 50 feet in the center. On the West is a Peninsula (formerly contained Circle Point Road) and now is Patriot Lane.

Most of Hermit Lake has an average depth of 10 feet with a 10HP boating restriction.

Hermit Lake freezes completely (but walk at your own risk) during the winter with a peak ice thickness around February.

Trucks can be seen clearing the ice to make rinks for the kids !

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